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Hello there!

My name is Pavel Sobolev (he/him), also known as paveloom (pave, like dave, then loom, like doom). Although I’m comfortable with being called Pave since it is pretty common to shorten nicknames to the first few comfortably sounding syllables in high-paced video games, and I got somewhat accustomed to that in my youth. That’s just easier to pronounce, anyway.

I am a self-taught software engineer who is currently busy developing desktop application software. I was first introduced to programming when I learned Fortran in my first year of university. While I didn’t have a strong interest in it at first, the more code I wrote, the more I came to appreciate the power of programming and how one can solve problems and create new things with it. As I gained more experience, I started to explore topics beyond the curriculum (I was an astronomer student at the time) and eventually became an open sourcerer, which means that I contribute to open source projects and make my work available for others to use and build upon. I have since learned a number of other programming languages, including Julia, Rust, Zig, C, C++, in that order. These are not necessarily replacements for each other but are extensions of the overall experience, which goes far beyond the language of choice.

I am always striving to learn new things and improve my skills. You can check out the notes I have recorded in my digital garden, Pensieve, and my work is available for others to see in the Git section. I keep a journal for logging my life and work, and I think you might find something useful in there, it’s in the Journal section. Finally, I wrote a handful of blog entries back in the day, you can read those in the Blog section.


Several shortcuts are available for the desktop users. There are two modes:


This mode is active when search is not focussed and when there’s no other focussed element that is susceptible to keyboard input. The following keys are bound:

  • F , S , / : open search dialog
  • P , ,, Left : go to previous page
  • N , ., Right : go to next page

This mode is active when the search is focused. It provides several key bindings to make search accessible and navigable via keyboard:

  • Down , Up : select next / previous result
  • Esc , Tab : close search dialog
  • Enter : follow selected result

You might also want to take a look at how to use the search.